Smoking Tips for New Cannabis Users

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The cannabis community is growing steadily and inclusive of all generations. There are many tricks of the trade in the cannabis industry that are good to know and will enhance your overall experience and make you more comfortable with the product. It can be difficult to find credible information on cannabis, which is why we created this Introduction to Cannabis 101 guide to help prep you for your new weed friendly journey.

Find your favorite way to enjoy smoking cannabis

There are so many ways to smoke cannabis, from joints to bongs to bubblers, the smoking world is your oyster. A lot of smokers prefer the classic method of rolling a joint to share with their pals, whether that be old school rolling papers, pre rolled cones, or even hemp wraps. Still a little unsure of your rolling ability? There is also the tried and true hand pipe that provides a quick and accessible way to smoke, with no real skill required. In addition to glass pipes or silicone pipes, bongs are a popular option as they pack a little more of a punch and come in just as many materials and styles as pipes. Bongs use water to filter and cool the smoke’s heat before it hits your throat and lungs, which helps you get a smoother, fuller hit. Similar to a bong, there’s bubblers, which is essentially a handheld bong. Last, but not least, there is the one hitter. These are pipes that you can fill with just enough flower for a couple hits, hence the name. These are perfect for on-the-go smoking as they are small enough to carry around with you, unlike some of the larger pipes or bongs. With as many methods as there are to inhale your cannabis, you may as well give them all a spin to see what you prefer for your smoke sessions.

No papers? No problem.

There will be a time where you and your best buds are about to start a smoke sesh and nobody has rolling papers or glass on hand. There are many creative alternatives for pipes so you’re smoke sesh can continue on as scheduled. The apple pipe is one of the most common alternatives because it is so simple to create:

  1. Get a traditional apple and a pen.
  2. Take the stem off the apple and carve out a space for your bowl.
  3. Use a pencil to stab through your bowl making an air way.
  4. Take the pencil and make another incision this time to create your mouth piece ¾ down the side of the apple. The idea is to connect your mouthpiece hole to the chamber and then to the hole you made for your bowl.
  5. Next, push that pencil all the way through your apple creating a carb.
  6. Now, add your flower and enjoy your smoke!

No Apple? Try a Gravity Key or Presto Pipe, which turns household items into a pipe on-the-go! There are so many different options for smoking, you should never again have to postpone a smoke break over a lack of gear.

Keep your weed fresh and safe

Most veteran smokers know the struggle of dried out cannabis. Thankfully, the state of California requires all licensed dispensaries to sell their cannabis in airtight, resealable containers that are also childproof. While this packaging ensures your cannabis stays fresh, it’s not always the most attractive packaging to keep around your house. Whatever container you choose to display your green in, remember to switch it to some other kind of airtight container, such as a mason jar or stash jar. On the off chance you leave the package open (post sesh forgetfulness is real) and your flower does dry out, simply put an orange peel in the same jar for 8-12 hours and your bud will come back to life. Be cautious not to leave it in there too long or you will produce mold on your buds. .

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Make sure you keep your stash airtight and in a safe location so no children or pets can get to it. One of the favorite stash container brands in the smoking community is Medtainer, a medical-grade polyprene container that keeps your buds fresh. Medtainer is the swiss army knife of stash jars because they also have teeth at the bottom of the plastic, allowing you to grind your cannabis on the go. The lid has special threading to keep it flush against the container, making it both air and watertight which allows you to carry your precious cargo wherever you go.

Pick up a Clipper lighter

Clipper Lighter

Many cannaseurs prefer using a Clipper lighter for all their smoking needs. This reason is trifold. First, Clipper lighters have a removable poker from underneath the ignition wheel that pulls out and is handy for packing your joint or bowl. Second, their unique shape is designed to prevent burning yourself when lighting a bowl. Third, their designs are much more creative and customizable. Clipper lighters are an amazing accessory for the everyday cannabis user

Don’t mix weed and alcohol

It’s never a good idea to mix substances; however, it is especially important for those who are new to smoking not to mix alcohol with their cannabis consumption. When alcohol and marijuana are consumed together it is called being “crossfaded”. While you could typically handle your alcohol, consuming marijuana can intensify your buzz and leave you dizzy and disoriented. If you do happen to partake in both; drink lots of water and get somewhere safe to sleep it off. Remember to never operate a vehicle when under the influence of any substance to ensure you can keep the party going for years to come.

Invest in a quality herb grinder

With so many grinders out there, you may be tempted to just go for the cheapest and hope for the best.While the price point can be appealing, investing in a quality grinder will actually save you lots of money in the long term. Cheaper plastic grinders do not stay sharp for long and have a tendency to break quickly, which is a total bummer mid session. We recommend spending a little more money for a better quality metal grinder. Typically this style of grinder will have three chambers; a magnetic lid, a bud grinding chamber, and a keif catcher. Higher end grinders will stay sharp for longer, and the bottom chamber will collect all the fallen crystals, or “keif”, from your bud.

Don’t smoke after eating an edible

Most of the smoking community has tried edibles, and probably most of them have their own story of that one time where they were got way too high. Edibles have a reputation for sneaking up on the consumer, and this is almost always due to a lack of knowledge on how they function. Edibles need to be treated differently than one might treat a bowl simply because the body metabolizes it differently. Edibles need to be metabolized by the body for you to begin feeling the effects, which means patience is key. Be aware of the milligrams of THC in your snack, and make sure to portion out your dose carefully. It’s always best to opt for a slightly smaller dose, and then wait 45 minutes to an hour before taking any more. Waiting before you up your dose is important as you need to give your body time to begin digesting the THC. Remember, you can always ingest more later on after you assess the effects of the edible. Be mindful, be patient, and you’ll have a great time.

Get yourself a rolling machine

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Rolling machines are such a helpful tool for those who enjoy smoking flower. A rolling machine is a little gadget that you stuff your flower into, spin a couple times, add your rolling paper, seal it and bam; your perfect joint. Rolling machines, just like paper, come in many sizes! Be sure to use a rolling tray to use as a mat to catch your excess flower that fell out while using your rolling machine.

DIY pipe cleaning solution

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If you are using a glass piece when smoking, it is important to keep that piece clean. A dirty pipe means there is built up tar and resin from prior smoke sessions gunk totally unappetizing to any pals smoking with you. You can always buy a glass pipe cleaning solution that will do the trick, but if you’re in a pinch, making your own cleaning solution is relatively simple. A very common cleaning method for glass pipes, bongs, and rigs is a simple mixture of coarse salt and rubbing alcohol.

  1. Take two Ziploc bags and put your empty piece in the first bag.
  2. Next, place salt inside your piece, and then add a little extra in the bag for good cleaning measure.
  3. Pour enough rubbing alcohol in the bag to submerge your piece.
  4. Ziploc the bag and put into another bag to ensure it won’t bust open and spill all over you.
  5. Now, shake vigorously, careful not to break your piece. Shake the bag letting the coarse salt and alcohol remove the resin out of your piece.
  6. When you feel your piece is clean, take out your piece and rinse with water.

If you still have resin, throw it back in the bag and shake it some more; remembering to rinse after each alcohol soak. By a few rinses, your pipe should look as good as new and ready for your smoke break.

Find your favorite marijuana strain

Cannabis Strain Example Image

There are two main types of bud in the cannabis world; Indica and Sativa. Each has their own medicinal purposes that work differently for each person. Thankfully, there is a saying to remember the two and their functions. First, there is Indica or ”in da couch” meaning a heavy, full body high. Then there is Sativa, like Stevia meaning sugar which is supposed to make you more proactive when consumed. Since growers like to create new strains, they are always making hybrids between the two; Indica dominant or Sativa dominant. A hybrid will have a dominant gene that will make your bud lean either Indica or Sativa. Each strain affects each person differently. Explore the strains and find the right bud for you!

What to do when you overindulge

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Every seasoned smoker has a story or two to tell about the time they got too high. For some it might include going on a philosophical tangent with their friends, that they enjoyed, and for others, it might mean that they felt weird and had a not so nice time. If you ever feel like you are approaching your limits, don’t be afraid to take a break from the smoke circle. The first rule about smoking with friends is to never peer pressure anyone, so your friends should understand and respect your choice to refrain for a bit. In addition, you can also have some CBD on hand in case this happens. CBD helps bring you back “down” from a high that is overwhelming to you, especially as a beginner. CBD vape cartridges and tinctures are recommended for maximum efficiency in this situation.


There are so many ways to enjoy your cannabis! From pipes and bubblers, to rolling papers and edibles, there’s no right or wrong way to consume your new favorite smoking herb. If you’re a newbie, don’t be scared to try out many different ways of smoking and see what fits best in your lifestyle. Call up your tribe and have them show you some of the basics to take some of the anxiety out of your first few smoking experiences. What’s most important is to figure out what form of consumption works best for you so you can enjoy the full transformative power of cannabis.

We love hearing from you! In the comments below, tell us what your favorite way to indulge cannabis is.

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