The Cannabis Enthusiast’s Travel Guide to San Diego

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San Diego has always been one of California’s most original and unique cities. This coastal city is filled with rich history, beautiful beaches, wonderful food and is now 420 friendly! For stoners who travel, San Diego is the perfect destination for your next 420 vacation. To help you explore this beautiful, Pacific paradise, we’ve compiled the perfect travel guide for the marijuana enthusiast!

San Diego is one of the first cities in California to fully embrace the passing of Proposition 64. This enables anyone over the age of 21 to legally possess, purchase and use marijuana. This new found freedom has resulted in many San Diego locals and visitors to seek out exciting, smoker friendly activities. Here are some great 420 friendly ideas to fill your hightinerary:

Smoking Friendly Shopping In San Diego

Whether you love fashion or just enjoy browsing, shopping is a great stoner activity that also allows you to take in the beauty and culture of San Diego. Seaport Village is a popular destination that boasts over 45 shops and restaurants in a gorgeous open-air setting. If you’re lucky, you might get to watch a street performer or two dazzle your stoned brain with a show. Located on the water, Seaport village is also a great budget-friendly option for a day outdoors. Bring a picnic and a kite for a fun and cheap way to enjoy the ocean breeze and some vitamin D.

The Best San Diego Beaches For Smokers

The beach is a favorite among many, due to the relaxing sound of the waves, warm sun, and soft sand, but marijuana and the beach have always seemed like a match made in heaven. If you’re a beachhead, then you’re in luck, because San Diego is home to some of the nicest beaches in California. The views are unmatchable and the warm water and sunlight is sure to be the perfect backdrop for your newest Instagram picture. If you’re feeling adventurous, check out Blacks Beach. This clothing optional beach will bring you closer to nature and offers breathtaking views of the Pacific ocean. If that is a little outside of your comfort zone, try Ocean Beach, which has plenty of dining and shopping options for your convenience. Leucadia beach has gorgeous cliff sides that make you feel secluded and peaceful and could be a great place to unwind with your favorite strain. If you’re into biking, the Mission Beach boardwalk might be more your scene, but all of San Diego’s beaches come with a free sunset, so grab a towel and head on out!

Balboa Park- A Smoker’s Paradise

Balboa Park is home to the world-famous San Diego Zoo. This zoo is home to 3,700 species of wildlife and sits on 100 acres of land. Bring your favorite cartridge and vape in their smoking areas, to elevate your experience.

If you feel like enjoying gorgeous views of downtown San Diego while putting or swinging away on the golf course, The Balboa Park Golf Course is a par 72 that will deliver a tranquil and scenic day. Frisbee golf is also popular in Balboa Park if you’re looking for something a little more upbeat and pairs well with a nice Sativa.

Balboa Park is also home to sixteen museums and has something for everyone. Each museum has its own cultural and historical offerings and will enlighten you for the day and open your mind to all sorts of incredible facts and discoveries. We suggest checking out The San Diego Air and Space Museum, Japanese Friendship Garden, or The San Diego Museum of Art after a stroll in the park with a hybrid cartridge. February is Museum Month and a great time for special deals and extended hours. The Explorer Pass gives you access to all sixteen museums, which allows you to visit many museums on your own schedule. Broaden your horizons at Balboa Park and expand your mind in more ways than one. Pairing weed with an activity that incorporates learning and exercise will enhance your experience at the museum and leave you feeling productive and active. Bonus tip: If you’re on a budget, the Timken Museum of Art is always free!

The Best Hikes In San Diego For Avid Smokers

A good hike can invigorate you, but a good hike in San Diego can downright inspire you. With its scenic vistas, San Diego is the perfect spot to go hiking. The cliffs along the coastal town vary in difficulty, so whether you’re an avid hiker, or prefer the easier hikes, there is something for everyone.

Los Penasquitos Canyon Trail is an easy hike for those who prefer a scenic route without steep inclines. It’s a total of 4.7 miles and boasts some impressive sites, streams, creeks, and waterfalls.

Iron Mountain Trail is a moderate hike for those who want to up their heart rate and also see some breathtaking views. This trail is 5.8 miles but can be extended by taking one of the other trails that lead to other peaks.

If you’re an experienced hiker that’s looking for an adventure and a challenge, Cowles Mountain is the trail for you! At three miles long, this steep hike leads to the highest point in San Diego where you’ll be rewarded with an amazing view.

Make sure to apply sunscreen so the California sunlight doesn’t burn you, and remember to bring plenty of water for hiking…and cottonmouth. To treat yourself, bring a joint for you and your hiking buddies to smoke once you’ve reached the top and can relax while you enjoy the views.

The Best Places For Smokers To Eat In San Diego

No vacation is complete without a great sampling of the destination’s signature cuisine. If you find yourself with a case of the munchies, don’t worry! San Diego is famous for its amazing restaurants. The Gaslamp Quarter is the perfect spot to grab some grub after a long day of museum hopping. Home to the Hard Rock Cafe, and Ghirardelli ice cream and chocolate shop, the Gaslamp Quarter has something for everyone.

420 Nightlife In San Diego

San Diego’s nightlife is like no other! You can dance the night away or sip a few drinks at an open-air bar, enjoying the ocean breeze. Whatever your pace, San Diego’s nightlife has taken off because of the new 420 friendly laws. The Tipsy Crow is a local favorite that offers club vibes and a terrific dance floor. The Mad House Comedy Club has nightly performances and features a great assortment of headliners all year long. If you work up some liquid (or dare we say green) courage, be sure to stop by Too Cool For Karaoke so you can let your inner superstar shine! San Diego’s nightlife is a vibrant and exciting experience for couples, groups, and those flying solo. When the sun goes down, the party turns up!


Wherever your San Diego vacation takes you, be sure to use Weden for all your MJ needs! We come to you, so you can keep your 420 stoner vacation going no matter where you are. With Weden, you can stick to your itinerary by simply giving us a call when your supplies are running low. We can even deliver to your hotel if you feel like decompressing after a long day of fun.

San Diego is one of America’s most mesmerizing cities. Its cultural offerings are plentiful and the fact that marijuana is recreational legal only enhances the experiences found within the area. Always remember to use a ridesharing app or call a taxi when under the influence. But whether it’s a day at the beach or a night on the town, Weden will bring you the fun on your vacation to America’s Finest City.

We love hearing from you! Tell us in the comments below where your favorite 420 spots in San Diego are.

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