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Festival season is finally upon us! Which means that it’s time to buy the tickets, check out the artist lineup, grab a few friends, and see your favorite bands perform under the open sky. Nothing feels better than listening to your favorite music outdoors with your best buds. There is something about the simplicity of a stage, a band, and a joint that unlocks your mind and spirit in a way that few experiences rival. To celebrate these moments, you might be toying with the idea of bringing your stash.

With so many festivals countrywide, you’ll no doubt be within driving distance of at least one. Coachella, StageCoach, Serenity Gathering, California Roots, Outside Lands, EDC, among many others, are already rolling to a venue near you and it’s time to start preparing for the ultimate smoker getaway. This is why, in addition to bringing your normal summer concert supplies, you should take the time to prepare yourself for a proper stoner-friendly festival experience.

Smoking Gear to Pack

Like any good traveler, you’ll want to pack things that are light and disposable. When preparing for an outdoor music festival you can usually plan on being away from home for a few days. Be sure to bring enough clothing, toothpaste, food, etc., to last you the duration of the festival. Also, remember that being outdoors for multiple days can get messy, so an extra pair of socks or two as a backup will be a good idea. If you plan on bringing your phone, don’t forget a charger and power bank so you can stay in contact with your group. Pro tip: If you don’t like paying an outrageous price for a bottle of water, bring a canteen or reusable water bottle from home to save some coin and reduce waste. If you’ll be camping, be sure to bring all the standard equipment with you like a sleeping bag, tent, silverware, and basic hygienic items. Many festival campgrounds have a general store on the premises, but their prices tend to be pretty high.

Just like you would make a list to pack before a big trip, you need to make a list of smoking gear to bring. If you’re going to be camping, then pre-rolls or rolling papers are probably your best option. They are easy to dispose of and are lightweight. Bringing a glass piece outdoors is risky because it can break in transit, or if accidentally dropped on the unforgiving, hard, terrain of the earth. This could create a hazard for you and those around you. Be sure to also include a lot of lighters and matches in your 420 friendly music festival kit. Backup lighters will save you the annoying task of roaming the concert trying to find someone with a light.

Music Festival Gear

Fuel Your Body

You’re going to be dancing all day and all night to your favorite music so your energy levels need to be maintained. This means that keeping your body nourished should be a priority. If you’re partaking in smoking at music festivals then you already know that a bad case of the munchies is going to strike. Be sure to pack healthy food like apples or oranges. These will last and keep you well nourished, unlike a bag of chips. If you want to satisfy the chip craving, bring a few bags of trail mix. You could also bring sandwich materials and let your friends build their own masterpiece. Nuts are a great snack that are actually said to increase your high. Regardless of what you eat, be sure to stay hydrated. A good rule of thumb is to make sure you drink one bottle of water per alcoholic beverage you consume. Water will not only hydrate your body but save you from the cottonmouth that can come with smoking.

Music Festival Food

Smoking Etiquette

Now that you’re properly packed for your outdoor concert excursion, it’s probably a good time to go over the proper smoking etiquette that you should follow anytime you’re at an outdoor event. First, make sure that you’re being mindful of those around you. Not everyone enjoys the smell of marijuana or tobacco, and you should be considerate of others. To be safe, seek out the designated smoking area, or ask those around you if the smoke bothers them. Most outdoor music festivals and concerts have smoking areas and give you a convenient and acceptable area to smoke your choice of herb. Once you find the perfect place to light up, pass your joint to everyone in the group. When smoking in a group, puff, puff, pass is generally the standard, especially when it’s not yours. Nobody likes the guy who boggarts the joint. Don’t be that guy.

Music Festival Etiquette

Bring Your Own Stash

It’s a good idea to pack your own stash and not buy anything from someone at the festival, as that can be a safety issue in addition to questionable quality. To avoid this, bring your favorite strain in cartridge form for easy and discreet smoking on the go. Or, if you’re more of a flower aficionado, a nice bag of Alien OG can be a great compliment to the music coming from the stage. The soothing strain of Orange Fuel is great for rolling up and giving you that smooth and concert friendly hybrid high. If you’re looking to save time, bring along a few of our Flow Kana Pre-rolls. They are placed in a protective casing, keeping them safe for transit, and they come in a variety of different strains to choose from.

Another great alternative to smoking at concerts is by ingesting edibles. Edibles are great for traveling and they don’t give off the odor that burning flower does. Edibles also have longer-lasting effects, which is great if you’re planning on partying into the night. Edipure gummies are a nice, flavorful choice for a snack, and they are easy to share with your friends!

Music Festival Greens


Going to an outdoor music festival is one of the greatest experiences and traditions around the world, but being properly prepared is essential for making a great time when you finally arrive on the lawn. By adhering to these festival smoking tips, you’ll be sure to have a safe, fun, and memorable experience with the people and music you love most.

Before you head out to the festival grounds for the day, call 1-800-Cannabis to get your green delivered straight to your house or hotel. If you have questions about which strain is best for you, or just want a recommendation, our team is professional, knowledgeable, and happy to give advice.

Music Festival Map

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