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Since California legalized recreational marijuana in January of 2019, everyday consumers have had a lot more questions than answers regarding dispensaries, products, and processes. Thankfully, your trusted marijuana delivery service, Weden, is here to answer all of your questions and to give you the knowledge to purchase recreational marijuana confidently and securely.

Weden delivery services cover the San Diego area, including the neighboring cities of San Ysidro and up to Carlsbad. Our drivers also service Oakland and the East Bay, from Milpitas all the way to Hercules. Unfortunately, there are some cities that aren’t in our network yet such as Brisbane and beyond, but stay tuned.

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We get it: you don’t want to run to the dispensary every time you run out of weed, nor can you drive if you’ve already burned through your stash. Thankfully, Weden has you covered and will bring the dispensary to you! By calling 1-800-CANNABIS you can schedule our dispensary on wheels to come straight to your front door. We have a huge selection of flower, edibles, tinctures, oils, vapes, and even smoking accessories to best fit any of your smoking needs. Each representative is knowledgeable about our products and will gladly assist you in finding the right strain for you. As soon as you call, our drivers will add you to their schedule and generally get to your location in 1-2 hours. New customers get 15% off, and if you schedule a day in advance, you get 10% off your purchase! There are also discounts available for veterans, seniors, the disabled, and students.


  1. Is it legal to deliver marijuana in California?
    • Yes! California fully legalized marijuana delivery in January of 2019, but delivery services existed before that under temporary regulations. There are some municipalities that do not allow marijuana sale, but deliveries are still allowed to be made in these cities. This was excellent news for those who cannot travel due to health or physical limitations
  2. Where can I buy weed in San Diego?
    • There are many dispensaries in San Diego, and will certainly only gain more as startups get familiar with state regulations. Currently, there are about 14 licensed dispensaries operating within San Diego’s city limits. limitations
  3. Where does Weden deliver weed?
    • Presently, Weden is serving the San Diego and Oakland communities, including some of the neighboring cities of San Ysidro, Carlsbad, and Hercules, amongst others. If we don’t deliver to your neighborhood yet, check back with us soon, as we are steadily expanding our network and delivery areas.
  4. How do I know if a dispensary is licensed?
    • Always look for a licensed dispensary when getting your marijuana delivered or even shopping in-store. There is a problem with the number of unlicensed dispensaries operating in parts of California, and law enforcement is too overwhelmed to raid and shut down the properties in a timely manner. Unlicensed dispensaries are not subject to the same testing or safety regulations for their product, meaning you could unknowingly be purchasing marijuana that is infected with pesticides, various chemicals, fungus, or even mold. Don’t play Russian roulette with your health, and go to a licensed dispensary.
      You know you are shopping at a licensed dispensary if you receive your product in childproof, resealable bags and have applied the proper state tax to the purchase. If you are still unsure that the dispensary you like is licensed you can check this list to ensure it’s on the state registry. Only fully compliant dispensaries are included in this search tool.
  5. What kind of marijuana products can I get delivered in California?
    • Weden offers top shelf flower, edibles, concentrate, tinctures, and oils. Have a specific need for cannabis? Whether you’re planning a party or just trying to get a good night’s sleep, Weden has a product tailored for any situation. Our online shop has categories to assist you in choosing the best product for you, or you can talk to one of our helpful representatives.
  6. What is the maximum amount of weed I can have delivered in California?
    • As a recreational consumer, you are allowed up to 1 oz of flower per day, which is the standard limit for delivery. These limits vary slightly depending on what form of marijuana (tinctures, concentrates, etc.) you’re purchasing, but the golden rule is 1 oz.
  7. How fast can I get weed delivered in San Diego?
    • By using Weden’s delivery service, you can expect your order to arrive in under two hours! Know you’re going to need a delivery in a few days? You can always schedule ahead of time and even score an extra 10% off. Gone are the days of finding a regulated dispensary nearby. Now you can beat the traffic and headache by having your cannabis delivered right to your door.
  8. How can I view the Weden dispensary menu?
    • You can view our dispensary menu by visiting our website, we keep an updated menu of all of our products, including flower, concentrate, edibles, and tinctures. You can either shop by type of products, or by leafing through our curated categories. In the WeParty section, you’ll find the perfect items for your next get together with friends. We even have a selection of products in our WeLove category that’ll put the sizzle back into date night.

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