The five best gifts to give your cannabis-loving valentine

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For many years, the stigma around cannabis meant that it wasn’t often connected to romance in the public imagination. But the reality is that cannabis and “couple goals” are a perfect match. It’s relaxing, sparks hours of fun, and it can heighten one’s sensuality to create some mind-blowing romantic encounters. So let’s jump in with a look at some Valentine’s Day cannabis gift ideas for that special cannabis enthusiast in your life!

How Cannabis Can Enhance Your Date Night

If you have a partner who shares your love of cannabis, consider the wide range of ways it can enhance your Valentine’s evening. You can start by cooking them an infused dinner, using techniques at the vanguard of medicated cooking to come up with a meal that will surely impress. You can gift them their favorite strain of cannabis, or a new glass piece they’ve had their eye on recently.

There are some great date ideas for cannabis lovers: You can take them out to a picnic or a concert with an enhanced experience (see our full list of 10 Date Ideas for Cannabis-Loving Couples), or you can stay in with some quality edibles and stream your favorite bad movies you both love watching together. There’s virtually no limit to the ways you can incorporate weed into your romantic evening, and we’ve put together a list of cannabis gifts to get you started down the path to your ultimate romantic evening.

Five Cannabis Products for Your Smoking Sweetie



This infused tea is a discreet, and unique alternative to traditional edibles. You prepare it just like a regular tea, with no extra ingredients needed to activate it, and it’s a great addition to a chilly February night in. Kikoko recommends you and your partner have a cup, go to dinner, and prepare to “enjoy utterly heavenly sex,” so hey, why not give it a shot?

Cannadescent Pre-roll Connect


Cannadescent’s pre-rolls are a great, fuss-free way to get the evening started. This 1/8th oz of premium-grade flower comes complete with hemp wick for a smoother, butane-free burn and a humidifier pack so you can save your bud and keep the love lasting for a few extra weeks. Cannadescent pitches the Connect as for stimulating “belly laughs and happiness for joyful times with friends and family,” but who’s to say you can’t have the same with your significant other?

Humboldt Apothecary Love Potion

Humboldt-Apothecary-Love-Potion Image

This tincture has been formulated to promote a positive mood and a healthy libido. Humboldt Apothecary suggests you add it to juice, water, tea, or any favorite recipe for an added dash of cannabis-infused romance. You can even use it externally as a topical for enhanced pleasure. Just note that like any product containing coconut oil, it does not play nice with latex.

Kush Queen CBD Lubricant


This CBD lube is stepping up the game for the intimate lubricant space. Using Amplifi™ CBD nanotech, these CBD nanoparticles are so small that they rapidly absorb through the skin and into the bloodstream. Because CBD increases blood flow when applied to an area of the body, this means increased sensation for both men and women. It’s also water-based, so it’s safe for use with condoms or toys, even if they’re made of latex. It’s also paraben-free, petrochemical-free, and non-staining.

Passion Box by MyJane

My Jane Passion Box

This all-in-one kit has everything you need for a passionate, CBD-enhanced night in. It includes micro-dosed edibles, teas, topicals and tinctures designed to relax and rejuvenate so you can most fully enjoy your night together. Don’t forget about the face mask, a staple of the classic Passion Box by MyJane that takes on a somewhat cheekier context in this case! Created by women for women, MyJane’s curated line of products is dedicated to enabling women to make informed wellness choices about cannabis.


Of course, these are just a few of the ways you can get the romance started this Valentine’s Day or your next date night. Valentine’s Day is a chance to spark something up between you and your partner and keep that flame alive the whole year ‘round. So think about your special someone and what keeps your connection with them going strong, then decide what the right statement is to tell them how you feel. How do you want your status with them to grow in the coming year? Are you longtime lovers who could benefit from spicing things up in the bedroom? Or are you still trying to hook that special someone you have an eye on and reel them in? Remember, romance isn’t just about having the right cute Valentine’s Day gift, it’s a state of mind. And at Weden, we can help you get there.

What other canna-gift ideas have you had success with? Let us know in the comments below!

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