What Cannabis Users Need to Know About Vaping Concentrates vs. Flower

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There are many delivery methods for consuming cannabis, and each one has its advantages. Some people prefer smoking cannabis, which delivers fast and immediate effects. Others prefer to take edibles, which provide consistent dosing and have longer-lasting effects. For those who want immediate impacts without the harshness of smoking, consumers everywhere are now choosing to vaporize their cannabis.

What are the Benefits of Vaporizing Cannabis?

Vaping your cannabis products involves heating the material to reach their boiling point, producing a vapor. Vaping eliminates the need for combustion, i.e., there is no burning and no fire involved in the process. The temperature difference is very noticeable between vaping and smoking because the vapor will be a cooler, smoother hit than with traditional smoke.

Another great reason to try vaping is that it leads to less degradation of the terpenes, meaning that each hit will be bursting with the maximum potential flavor profile. Vaping is also considered the most efficient way to consume cannabis because the cannabinoids are preserved due to being heated at a lower temperature. Finally, vaporizing is very discrete. Burning cannabis is very identifiable scorched, however, vaporized cannabis smells more like terpenes than organic matter.

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Vaping comes in many forms but uses the same physical principles. The first way to vaporize cannabis is to use flower. The plant is covered in trichomes that contain THC, and when heated up, they release the compounds in the form of a lightly colored vapor. Cannabis cartridges are very popular amongst users due to their discrete size and smell. Cartridges use distillate, which is a form of cannabis concentrate that has very elevated levels of THC. There is no plant material in cartridges, so the vapor is not only very clean but also doesn’t smell like cannabis. Finally, one can also vaporize other concentrates like wax and shatter, which deliver a swift and powerful impact.

How to Vaporize Cannabis Concentrates

There are several ways to vaporize concentrates, the most common of which is using a water pipe and a banger. A banger is a specialized bowl that is heated with a torch to high temperatures. After the banger is heated to a high temperature, the concentrates, like wax and shatter, are dropped into the bucket where they quickly reach their boiling point and begin to vaporize. Most of the THC and other cannabinoids are included in this vapor, along with the terpenes that are contained in the material. However, the temperature of the banger is very difficult to control and take some practice to perfect, which can be seen as a bit discouraging to users looking for simplicity.

To create an alternative based on convenience, the distillate cartridge was invented to make smoking concentrates as easy as taking a puff. You can connect the cartridges to an appropriate battery and simply inhale or press a button to activate. This delivers a smooth hit that is often very flavorful, but relatively odorless. Many choose these cartridges for their discrete nature and their quick effects. Many say that this is the best way to vape cannabis.

One of the best devices on the market for vaporizing concentrates is the Vista Mini E-Rig from X-Vape. This device allows you to control the temperature that you heat the concentrates to and delivers a great, consistent experience. Controlling temperature is very important, too hot causes burning, and too cold fails to release the cannabinoids. This can be achieved very easily with the Globinhood Mini E Nail, which lets you set the temperature via a dial. The Cricket 2.0 by X-Vape is another device that’s great for those who love concentrates, this powerful handheld device can handle both wax and shatter, and can work in a compatible way with your distillate cartridge.

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The Benefits of Vaporizing Flower

There are a few basic rules to vaporizing flower. First, lower temperatures produce less of a smell, but you’ll find an organic smell in the air after vaporizing flower. Next, there is an important difference between convection and conduction. Convection cooks the herb by producing hot air, making for even heating. Devices that help you do this are typically a bit more expensive. Conduction works via direct contact and is less expensive, which is excellent for those looking for an easy experience. The last rule to remember is that you can never forget that temperature is everything. Vaping at higher and lower temperature settings changes the experience as well as the high that you receive. Make sure to find the right setting or range for yourself by testing them out!

There are many impressive devices on the market that allow you vaporize flower on-the-go. Two vapes to compare are the X-Vape Avant and the Fog. The Avant is a conduction device that has a ceramic chamber and multiple heat settings. The Fog, on the other hand, is a convection vaporizer and also has a jewelry grade mouthpiece. It is very important to have multiple heat settings because every user has a different preference for their cannabis strain of choice.

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The Aria By X-Vape is a device that users are turning to because it works great for both flower and concentrates, which isn’t something that can be said for all devices! You can set the temperature on the screen and switch between the two very quickly. Another two-in-one is the MV1 by Ghost Vape, which has several unique features and comes with a dab pad that helps heat your oil evenly. This device is very sleek and has a powerful battery, not to mention it comes in 5 different colors!

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Are Concentrates Cheaper then Flower?

When we break down the cost, it is best to compare THC content as well. Concentrates have about 60-80% THC, while flower has about 15-25% on average. This means that you need to buy about 3.5x the amount of flower compared to concentrates to achieve the same THC content. When we look at price, 3.5 g of herb costs about the same as 1g of concentrate, depending on quality. Overall, this means that it is just about the same price to smoke concentrates as it is to smoke flower. One might note, however, that vaporizing concentrates often leads to increased tolerance, meaning that you might eventually have to vape a little bit more to achieve the same high.


Vaping is a step toward the future that many cannabis users are choosing every day. Here at Weden, we love to answer your questions and help you find the best way for you to consume cannabis. Whether you order delivery or stop by the store, always feel free to ask your driver or budtender any questions you may have about cannabis and related products.

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