The Beginner’s Guide to Weed Edibles

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Everybody has their preferred method of consuming cannabis. For some, it’s smoking flower from a water pipe, vaporizer, or in a joint. Others prefer cannabis concentrates like distillate cartridges, shatter, or wax. Edibles, on the other hand, are a favorite amongst all kinds of smokers and have been a staple in the community since Woodstock. From the magic brownies we all know and love to the most advanced delicacies out there, there is certainly a cannabis edible that makes your taste buds light up. For those looking to dive into the world of eating your cannabis, this is your guide to edibles!

Why Should I try Marijuana Edibles?

Edibles are a popular choice for many for a variety of reasons. First, some people do not like the experience of smoking or vaping. Many of us have lungs that can’t take the harshness of the hot air, and others simply prefer not to impact their lungs in any capacity. For those who still want to feel the effects of marijuana but can’t handle the burn in their lungs, edibles are a great alternative.

Edibles are also a preference for those who are dedicated to being discreet about their consumption habits. Edibles don’t smell or produce a visible vapor, which makes it easy to consume in a situation where discretion is key. Many people also do not like to travel with cannabis because of the potential of being questioned about their consumption. This makes edibles a no-brainer for people taking a trip to their friend’s house or hitting your favorite weekend retreat spot.

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Cannabis Infused Food

The process of creating a cannabis cuisine begins with the infusion of the cannabis and the bonding agent. The compounds in cannabis called cannabinoids need to be pulled out of the cannabis itself and bonded to a lipid, or fat. Luckily for everyone, we normally have plenty of resources for the bonding agent ready to use in our everyday cooking recipes. Butter, coconut oil, or high fat vegetable oils are used as a medium for infusion because of their increased lipid concentration and their common use in recipes for brownies, cookies, and other delicious treats.

Ready for the quick version? First, the flower needs to be heated to about 200 degrees Fahrenheit in an oven to make the THC available for uptake in your stomach. Next, the cannabis is simmered in the oil or butter for 3-6 hours at a temperature that does not cause the mixture to burn, but still hot enough to cause a reaction. Heating the mixture above 314 degrees Fahrenheit will cause the THC to boil out of the mixture, decreasing the potential impacts. Lastly, the flower can be strained from the solution and thrown away. After that, be sure to let the oil cool back to room temperature. Now you have fully infused cannabis oil or butter that can be used in any recipe just like normal oil or butter!

The Many Types of Cannabis Edibles

Your favorite treats are now available with cannabis infusion from brands all across the state. Everyone classically thinks about the “special brownies”, marijuana gummy bears or cookies when you talk about edibles, like Big Pete’s Chocolate Chip Cookie. However, MMJ edibles come in many more forms! For example, when you come into Weden on your next visit, you can find Kahna Gummies, or you can take a look at Platinum chocolate bars, which are a patient favorite! If you’re looking to quench your thirst, the Legal Cannabis Infused Sodas are a great choice! Or if you are new to “drinkables”, you might want to start with a lower dosed beverage to test out the waters. The California Dreaming Cannabis Infused Sodas start at 10mg of THC per bottle and will help ease you into the world of cannabis infused beverages. You can also find edibles ranging from honey sticks to caramels and popcorn that are now available for marijuana delivery in California.

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Cannabis chefs are hard at work perfecting their infused dishes from all over the world. You can not only find deserts that have been tweaked to incorporate cannabis, but also savory meals with meats, cheeses, and even vegan options. You can even find cannabis infused olive oils that make cooking special dishes at home an easy task. There really is no limit when it comes to cooking with cannabis, you can capture the marijuana edible effects from the comfort of your own kitchen!

An edible that often gets overlooked is Rick Simpson Oil, commonly referred to as RSO. Rick Simpson is a cannabis advocate that suffered from cancer. He’s made it his mission to develop a treatment for his cancer using cannabis that would alleviate some of his pain, and as a result, he created a highly concentrated oil that is a full spectrum extract from (primarily indica) cannabis plants. This oil has incredible potential as a wellness supplement thanks to its sedative effects, as testimonials state that this oil helps with everything from chronic pain to insomnia, stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as relieving symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, amongst others.

The Best Way to Consume Edibles

Regardless of what type of edibles you ingest, the effects will primarily be the same. After you pop in your gummy, cookie, infused beverage, lollipop, or chocolate, you won’t begin to feel immediate effects as your body has to first metabolize the THC. After about 30 minutes, you’ll begin fully absorbing the cannabinoids and feeling the impacts. You’ll experience mental euphoria, as well as a heavy feeling of sedation. Edibles are classic for having a couch-locking effect. People often experience delayed reactions and slowed thoughts as their brain is affected by the THC. Consuming low doses is great for relaxing, so taking marijuana edibles is a favorite of those who suffer from anxiety or chronic stress.

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You can expect to feel the effects of edibles for quite a while longer than other methods of medicating. The effects will linger for 4-6 hours and some times longer. This makes edibles great for a relaxing day at the beach, but hard to handle for beginners who want to go about their busy schedule with a little boost. Even more experienced edible consumers have grown a respect for the power that an edible contains.

Dosage is perhaps one of the most important things to address when thinking about taking your next edible. When smoking or vaping, you absorb only a small amount of THC per hit and it is therefore easy to make sure that the impacts are not too difficult for your mind to deal with. This makes it difficult to have a negative hallucinogenic experience. However, when you take an edible and begin to digest, you are subject to the full cannabinoid content of the snack you just ate. This sometimes deters people from edibles because they had an experience where they took more than they could handle. We recommend starting with very small doses and increasing the dosage after each “session” to find your sweet spot. Keeping a journal or notes on your consumption helps hone in on the perfect number.

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What is your favorite type of mmj edible? Do you prefer brownies, candy, drinks, or savory food? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Richard

    Questions abound! I enjoy sativa because I prefer energy to couch. I wonder if there are edibles comparable to the effects of Jack Herer and sour diesel (from a waterpipe)?

    Interested but wary,

  2. Dana

    Neither: Dark chocolate espresso coffee beams

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