5 Best Lighters for Avid Smokers

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With so many companies competing for your attention, it can be hard to find quality products that fit your needs and budget. Weden is here to bring you the best quality products and to steer you in the right direction for all things cannabis. Lighting your weed is an imperative part of the smoking experience and we want you to be as informed as possible. We’ve compiled a list of the five best ways to light your herb to make sure that you can choose the best way for you to consume your green.

The most popular and widely known lighter brands are BIC, Zippo, and Clipper. All of these lighters have awesome pros and a few cons, but overall, are a solid choice and will get the job done. In addition to the big three lighter brands, hemp wicks and electric lighters are also strong choices to light up with and have added benefits that might surprise you.

Whether you’re a seasoned smoker who’s looking to try something new, or are new to the smoking scene and are looking for variety, we’ve got you covered. From traditional lighters to new and eco-friendly options, we’ll show you 5 of the best ways for stoners to light up.

The Clipper

Clipper Lighters

Clipper lighters were first made in 1971, by Flamagas S.A.in Barcelona, becoming the first company to create a refillable lighter. Designed with the roll-your-own smoker in mind, the Clipper lighter is the best choice for those who like to use rolling papers due to the special features a clipper offers. A compact design allows you to keep a poker for packing your bud hidden inside of your lighter. Great for an impromptu smoke sesh, the Clipper has a scraper as well as a small circular bottom that is surprisingly the perfect size for packing a bowl.

By pulling up on the lighter wheel, you’ll discover Clipper’s best feature: the removable poker. This allows you to pack your blunts and bowls wherever you go, kept in a safe hiding spot so it won’t get lost. In addition to the Clipper’s poker feature, it also showcases a side scraper, allowing you to get every last bit of green from your tray. Last but not least, the clipper is refillable and the flint is replaceable, which lets you keep your light burning strong far longer than competitor lighters. With so many great features, the Clipper is a great option for the sustainability-conscious smoker. Butane and the replaceable flint is the best way to reduce, reuse and recycle your smoking gear.

While the Clipper does have great features that make your smoking experience top notch, it does come with some downsides too. For one, Clipper Lighters use pure, filtered butane, which is odorless and allows a steady flame. While choosing the 7x’s filtered butane canister is a good choice, inhaling butane, in general, isn’t the greatest idea. Secondly, Clippers are made of nylon and are made strong so they won’t explode or crack. However, due to the removable poker, when dropped, the two pieces can pop out from each other and sometimes break. Overall, the Clipper is a solid choice for the traditional smoker who’s looking for an easy to use, refillable lighter.


Bic Lighters

Possibly the most recognizable and certainly the most assessable, the BIC brand has become the go to lighter for most smokers. Almost every gas station has a Bic display selling unique designs at low prices that you can’t pass up. However, did you know that these lighters have a rich backstory? Société Bic, now known as simply “BIC”, was founded in France, in 1945 by Baron Marcel Bich and Édouard Buffard. In 1973, after acquiring Flaminaire, a French manufacturer of high-quality lighters the year prior, BIC launches the first full-size pocket lighter with an adjustable flame called the BIC “Briquet”. Today BIC has 5 factories dedicated to producing the famous lighters in China, Brazil, North America, France, and Spain.

Today, BIC is still a forerunner in the disposable lighter industry and for good reason. According to BIC’s official website, “All BIC pocket lighters meet or exceed international standards and regulatory requirements”, and “Every BIC lighter undergoes more than 50 automatic quality and security checks”. This lighter is ergonomic and fits comfortably in your hand, as well as your pocket. The durability of the lighter is hard to beat and can even be thrown off a roof without breaking! Its childproof design ensures the safety of children and requires a bit of finesse when using.

While this beloved lighter brand is a great choice for the average smoker, it does lack in a few areas. For starters, BIC lighters use butane which is the fuel that ignites the flame. Butane isn’t good to inhale, especially for marijuana smokers, due to the repetitive task of sparking up. While the BIC boasts 3,000 lights per disposable lighter, it is not refillable. Which is such a shame since so much hard work goes into this quality product. However, If you’re looking for a well made, disposable lighter with tons of design choices, BIC is the way to go.

Hemp Wick

Hemp Wick Lighters

A great alternative to traditional butane lighters is by using hemp wick. Hemp twine coated in beeswax makes a match made in smoking heaven. With all natural products, the hemp wick offers all of the same benefits that you’d get from a match or butane lighter but doesn’t require you to inhale toxic fumes or sulfur.

Once you get the hang of using hemp wick, you’ll want to use it every time you smoke. Our favorite brand to use during a smoke sesh is Quik Wikk hemp wicks. This L.A. based company created a mini spool of hemp wick that is pocket-sized and fun to use. The Quik Wikk mini lets you bring enough hemp wick to use while you’re at a festival, concert, picnic, or really any time you’re outdoors and enjoying your day. This eco-friendly alternative to classic butane lighters will be a great addition to any stoner’s smoking gear.

Electric Lighter

Electric Lighters

Remember those old school cigarette lighters that used to be built into cars? Well, we’re bringing them back… kind of. Electric cigarettes are the Tesla of lighters: eco-friendly, easy to use, and just plain cool. E-lighters are electric lighters powered by electricity instead of lighter fluid. Which means that you plug this device into a power outlet or a USB port to charge up. This butane-free substitute to traditional lighters is a game changer.

With the benefits of not breathing in butane or lighter fluid, the electric lighter also has a few not-so-perfect features. For one, the e-lighter can be a bit tricky to get used to. It takes a while to heat up and you need to have some patience when it comes to actually light your joint or blunt, as it can take some time. This type of lighter will only work with cigarettes, joints, blunts and similar smoking methods, and will not work well with glass pieces or while smoking out of a pipe. However, when it comes to lighting up, the e-lighter will give you more control of what you inhale and is better for both you and Mother Earth.

Zippo Lighters

Zippo Lighters

Zippos are durable lighters that are usually made out of metal and come in a variety of designs. They produce a strong and steady flame produced by lighter fluid and are a favorite among many cigarette smokers. However, while the Zippo does have a certain appeal due to the many different designs it carries, and the seemingly endless amount of lighter tricks you can do with them, the lighter fuel and physical design make the Zippo less than ideal to smoke weed with.

If you’re a cannoisseur who enjoys the taste their bud using a Zippo probably isn’t for you. The lighter fluid masks the flavor of your bud and doesn’t allow you to fully experience the taste of the terpenes. However, if you’re one who likes to light a joint once with a lighter then pass it, a Zippo might not be a bad option for you. Since you’re only lighting the joint once, and not repeatedly like you would while lighting a bowl, the Zippo won’t cause too much damage. Speaking of lighting bowls, the Zippo simply just doesn’t measure up to the other lighters we’ve presented here when it comes to smoking out of a bong, pipe, or any smoking methods other than paper.  Using a Zippo for smoking a bowl isn’t the best option due to the Zippo’s flame. These types of lighters produce a strong, steady flame and it doesn’t like to be tipped on its side, which is really the only way to light a bowl. So, if you’re looking to smoke your green out of a spoon pipe, bong or something similar, pass up buying a Zippo.


These are our suggestions for the best lighters for stoners. We think that all of these options are top shelf choices that will enhance your smoking experience. With each lighter offering something different, you’ll find one or two that fit your smoking needs well. If you’re looking to shake things up, try one of the butane free options to light up like the hemp wick or an e-lighter at your next get together to spark up a joint and also a conversation.

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