Meet the California Non-Profits Connecting Veterans with Cannabis

According to the VA, depending on when they served, between ten and twenty out of every hundred veterans has been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. One in ten were seriously injured during their service, with 25% of those occurring in combat according to the Pew Research Center. Per VA data, 13 percent of the veteran population is currently prescribed opioids.

Meanwhile, study after study shows positive effects of Cannabis in relieving and treating PTSD. Your humble author personally uses CBD topicals to treat flare ups from spinal injuries sustained during his service. Yet federal prohibition continues to block veterans’ access to cannabis centric therapies.

Thankfully, there are number of veteran groups that focus specifically on helping veterans access, grow and properly use cannabis, while also lobbying to change the current legal climate that is leaving our vets behind.

Veterans Cannabis Group

The veterans Cannabis Group provides education, safe access, information on VA resources and benefits, and an opportunity for veterans to work with other veterans within the cannabis industry. The VCG also helps strengthen relationships between veteran communities and their local cannabis businesses and governments

Grow for Vets

The mission of Grow for Vets USA is to help save the more than 50 Veterans who die each day from suicide and prescription drug overdose. Grow for Vets provides Veteran heroes with safe alternatives to deadly prescription drugs, connecting Veterans with the knowledge and resources necessary to obtain or grow their own cannabis for the treatment of their medical conditions.

Weed For Warriors

The Weed for Warriors Project was started in the San Francisco Bay Area by an OEF United States Marine Corps Veteran who found relief from his service connected disabilities through medical marijuana and the fellowship of other like minded Veterans within the cannabis community.

Santa Cruz Veteran Alliance

The mission of the SC Veterans Alliance is to provide Qualified California Military Veterans with top quality, lab-tested medical cannabis grown by fellow United States Military Veterans. The cornerstone of SCVA is our Veteran Compassion Program (VCP). Through the VCP every member of this collective receives FREE medical cannabis.  

When they say top quality, they mean it. SC Labs, one of the largest cannabis testing labs in California has stated that SCVA cannabis is usually in the top 1% they test.

Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access

Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access is committed to protecting the rights of veteran patients and healthcare professionals by advocating for safe and legal access to cannabis (marijuana) for all appropriate therapeutic uses and to encourage research on cannabis as a treatment alternative.

This veterans day, please consider supporting one of these fine groups, by donating, or spreading the word. If you are a vet, Thank you for your service, please let your care advocate know on your next call so you can start receiving your veterans discounts. 


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  1. Chris Savage

    hhappiness , Inc. is a licensed cultivator in Mendocino County with tested flowers–and a disabled Vietnam Vet. Any assistance in putting our product in dispensaries would be helpful! Thanks, Chris Savage

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