Bear It! A Conversation With the CEO of Grizzly Peak Farms

We have recently introduced flower from Grizzly Peak Farms into our cases, including larger quantities of their 100% fire Tahoe OG and Purple Haze. They are amazing cultivators, and their skill and passion for growing shows in their extremely high quality flower. We love their work, and wanted to sit down and talk with Matt, their CEO, about who they are, how they grow, and where they see 2018 heading.

Who are you and what do you do at Grizzly Peak? 

CEO, oversee all aspects of company operations, direction, and expansion.

How long has Grizzly Peak been operating? 

9 Months.

What sets Grizzly Peak apart from other cultivators?

Our flowers are grown in a state of the art facility using technology and 20+ years of experience to cultivate ethically grown cannabis. We don’t use pesticides but rather organic treatments to combat pests.

Everybody on your instagram can see your work with the community, such as donating bikes. How else does Grizzly Peak give back? 

60% of our staff is born and raised in Oakland. We provide employment for our community and are just beginning to do community outreach within the city to a multitude of different charities.

Grizzly Peak Farms CannabisCan you describe the farm for us? What methods do you use to grow?

We use a combination of Rockwool and Coco medium. We use HPS bulbs and use a water chiller for to control the temperature/humidity levels to precision. We also collect nearly 100% of all the water that comes off the condensate from the chiller. Our water use from the city is minimal.

You have quite a selection of strains. Do you consistently work with the same mothers or from seed? 

We are attempting to reduce our strains to go with only 4-6 moving forward. We experimented with over 40+ strains and are sticking with what we perceive to be the best finished product.

Is there a particular strain you prefer over the others? Why? 

For myself, I prefer indicas to help me relax. I like cookie variations as they seem to have great flavor but with the added potency that I need.

What has been your biggest success story since starting Grizzly Peak Farms? 

We are the first licensed cultivation facility in Oakland’s history. We built the factory in record time and nativagated through the city’s licenseing process to be the first legal cultivation factory in the city. We are very proud of it.

How has Grizzly Peak handled all the changes since we moved into the 2018 Recreational Market? 

I think we are adjusting just as well as everyone. We have been pesticide free since inception and are happy to see the market be regulated so that consumers know what they are smoking and where exactly it came from.

Grizzly Peak CannabisThere is a ton of talk about how the new California Cannabis supply chains are going to come up short with the new recreational demand. Is Grizzly Peak doing anything to prepare for this? 

We are currently constructing two additional facilities in Oakland to meet the rising demand of retailers seeking licensed indoor cultivators.

You guys have some surprising private strains like your Grizzly OG, is there anything new coming down the pipeline this year? 

Yes, but we’ll keep that secret. We hope to launch seasonal strains along with our yearly staple varieties.

Thanks so much, is there anything else Grizzly Peak Farms would like to share with our subscribers?

We hope that you enjoy our product because we have spent years trying to perfect our craft. There is so much hard work, love, and care that goes into each bud. We hope that you recognize that and we will continue to improve on being the very best.

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