10 Date Ideas for Cannabis-Loving Couples

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There are few things more romantic than sharing bud with a special someone. With Valentine’s Day approaching, you might be looking for some 420 friendly things to do with your favorite stoner. Or if you’re living the single life this year, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too! These 10 stoner couple date ideas are fun to do any time of year, and who says you can’t have a special day with just you, your partner, and your best bud?

1. Outdoor Adventures

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There’s something about being stoned outside that makes you feel at peace. The natural beauty that lies outside your front door is waiting for you and your special someone to explore. Hanging at the park, the beach, or hiking a trail are all great, and inexpensive ways to spend time with someone you love. Bring some munchies for a picnic and really get to know each other, or just lay out a blanket and look at the clouds. Most of these activities are also pet-friendly, which makes this the perfect date for dog lovers. Enjoying the outdoors can offer your relationship a change of scenery and a little adventure never hurt anybody.

2. Wake and Bake Brunch

Wake and Bake

Brunch must have been invented by cannabis lovers. You get to sleep in, wake and bake, and grab food. Lunch? Breakfast? Your call! But brunch also has a romantic, leisurely, vibe to it. Pick a spot that you both love or find a new spot together. Most brunch spots are also dog friendly, which your four legged friends will thank you for.

3. Netflix and Chill

Sometimes staying in and binging the latest On Demand offerings is the best way to unwind after a busy week. If you and your significant other are looking for the perfect date night at home, this is the option for you! Since you won’t be driving, you can eat some edibles together to get the night started. Edibles usually take about an hour for you to start feeling their effects, which means they should kick in by the end of your average Breaking Bad episode. Another option is for you and your significant other to cook a medicated meal together for dinner. Cooking is romantic and fun, and if you’re really feeling adventurous, you can turn your couch pillows, blankets and chairs into a little fort just like your slumber party days. Take turns watching each other’s favorite movie or show, and share what you like about it with your partner. You’ll both enjoy each others company without leaving the house!

4. Artsy Outing

Artsy Outing

Feast your stoned eyes on some classics at the local gallery, or try out an art class together. Even if you can’t draw, art classes are more about spending time with your special someone and can be a fun, new experience. Some classes nowadays are even 420 friendly! You can also stay in and make art together in the comfort of your own home by pulling together some art supplies and have a crafting night. These artistic date ideas work well as double or group dates too since art is for everyone.

5. Live Entertainment

Smoking at an outdoor music festival or live event has become a staple of Americana. Taking your stoned significant other to a live concert, sporting event, or theatre can be a great way to showcase your cultured side. Surprise them with tickets to their favorite band or check out an indie show at your local open mic night. Live events are exciting and are great double date ideas. Getting lost in a great performance together will bring you closer together and make for great memories that you’ll cherish for years to come.

6. Wine and Weed

Wine and Weed

Few things are more romantic than sharing a bottle of wine. The only thing that could make wine tasting better is to pair it with some good bud! Pairing weed with wine will make you shine in the eyes of your boyfriend or girlfriend, and make you look like the classy stoner that you are! Smoking Blue Dream? Pair it with a Pinot Noir. More of an Indica person? Pair your BubbaKush with a nice rose’. Leafly has created a great chart for pairings here https://www.leafly.com/news/lifestyle/wine-cannabis-pairing-guide Just make sure you have plenty of munchies or hors d’oeuvres to go along with your pairings!

7. Game Night

This one works great as a double date with another stoner couple or two! Game nights are also a fun excuse to invite everyone over for a chill Friday night. Instead of asking everyone to BYOB, consider asking them each bring a gram of their favorite strain and share with the group! It’s a great way to have some good old fashioned competitive fun while toking and playing board games. You can even raise the stakes and bet a joint or two for the winner of each game. Smoking is fun, and board games are great, but playing board games with your friends while smoking is next to cathartic!

8. Play Hooky

Play Hooky

Who says adults can’t play hooky too? Partying like a middle schooler can be fun, especially when paired with a little THC. Channel your inner “Dude” at the local bowling alley, or hit up the arcade for a ski-ball tournament. minigolf is a great outdoor option, or if you’re feeling really fearless, a few laps around the old go-kart track can rev up your stoner date to 25MPH! These activities are perfect for double or group dates and are always a fun way to surprise your special someone.

9. Stargazing

Looking at the stars with your special someone has been a romantic activity since the dawn of man. Our species has always been humbled and curious about our place in the universe, and sharing the awe-inspiring moment of looking up at the celestial heavens can be breathtaking and beautiful. Head to a lookout point or observatory that offers educational programs where you can look through a telescope together, and learn about our solar system. You could also figure out when the next meteor shower will be visible and surprise your date during an outdoor smoke session.

10. Spa Day

Spa Day

Treat yourself and your stoned partner to a day at the spa. You’ll get some much needed relaxation, and getting a couples massage can, quite literally, rejuvenate your relationship. On a budget? Opt-in for a stay at home date night and try out a few spa techniques on each other. Hit the bong, then take turns rubbing each other’s feet or back. Try giving your partner a pedicure by filling up a large bucket with hot water and add essential oils like spearmint or lavender to enhance the experience. Sharing a spa day in or outside of the home is an intimate and healthy way to spend your Valentine’s Day or any day where you want to show someone you really care.


There you have it! With these 10 Stoner Date Ideas up your sleeve, you’ll be sure to woo your loved one(s) on Valentines Day or for your next date night. Of course, when all else fails, buy ‘em flowers (I’ll let you figure out which kind I’m talking about). Go get em’ Cassanova!

We love hearing from you! What is your favorite date activity to do with your 420 loving partners? Vote below and tell us in the comments!

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  1. Erinn Holman

    Stargazing is so much fun after a night of smoking. plus, It’s one of the more romantic and budget-friendly options.

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