10 Date Ideas for Cannabis-Loving Couples

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At Weden, we’re all about people making connections and living life to its fullest. With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, now is the time to plan what you and the special cannabis aficionado in your life are doing to celebrate. If you’re flying solo this year, bring a couple of friends along for a day to remember! These 10 date ideas don’t have to be all about romance, but they’ll be sure to spark up an extra hit of love under the right circumstances.

Pair an outdoor adventure with Cannabis

Outdoor Adventures!

Whether you love going to the beach or the park, trailblazing on an epic hike, cannabis and the outdoors have always made natural bedfellows. Sitting back and watching the clouds, or stargazing past nightfall is the perfect way to pass the time in the company of those closest to you. Plus, if you’re a pet-lover, you can enjoy the moment with your furry companions. This might be the right time to pick up an energizing sativa cartridge to take along with you on your outdoor adventure! Sativas pair well with the splendor of the world outside, letting you appreciate it with open eyes and lungs full of fresh air, while you catch a cerebral, euphoric buzz to match.

Wake and Bake Brunch

Wake and Bake Brunch!

Brunch is already one of the most decadent morning outings of modern city living. What’s better than waking up and spiking your blood sugar with maple syrup and champagne so you can take a nap by noon? Waking and baking with a nice sativa hybrid pre-roll before you head to brunch might just be the missing piece you’ve been looking for to take your Sunday activities to the next level. The flavors in your meal are going to be all the richer, your sense of taste awakened by the cannabis. What’s more romantic than a leisurely, relaxing meal for two to start your day together off right?

Netflix and Smoke

Netflix and Chill

Okay, this one should be pretty obvious. If you and your significant other are tired of going out, spending money, and dealing with people, why not have a special night in? Light some candles, turn up the heat and bust out the good blankets to make a fort on the couch. Plus, streaming your favorite content at home opens up certain possibilities, cannabis-wise. Maybe you’ve got some high-quality glass that never leaves the house, or you’d like to enjoy the slow-burn intensity of edibles without having to worry about navigating the chaos of the outside world. You can even cook a medicated meal, using some of the techniques of the burgeoning world of chef-grade canna-infused cuisine. You’ve got all night — experiment and enjoy the heightened effects cannabinoids bring to physical touch.

A High Artsy Outing

Weden Artsy Outing Date Idea

Art and altered consciousness have a long history together. These days, there are even group painting classes that bring weed to the activity, much like the wine-and-art classes that have been popular for several years. Don’t worry if you’re not a pro, as it’s all about exploring your creativity and just having fun with your partner. If you’re less the creative type and more of the observing type, consider getting a few friends together for a group date and visit a nearby art museum or gallery after hosting them at your house for a smoke session. A general rule is that one gram of flower will be enough for two to three people, depending on their tolerance level, per smoke session, so make sure to pick up enough flower for everyone.

smoke and groove to some tunes

Live Entertainment

From the smoky jazz clubs of the 1920s to the Deadhead concerts of the ‘60s and on through to today, live music and cannabis have a long history together. Consider picking up tickets to your significant other’s favorite band and an indica hybrid pre-roll. If none of your favorite bands are playing near you soon, there’s always sports, theatre, dance, revival showings of your favorite cult movies, or comedy shows always going on! Check out your local entertainment circuit for upcoming events you and your smoking sweetie will enjoy.

Wine and Weed

Wine and Weed

Not everyone likes to pair cannabis and alcohol, but if you and your partner are open to the idea, it can make for quite the classy affair. Perhaps a nice pinot noir and some Blue Dream, or a rosé with some BubbaKush. In fact, Leafly has a pairing chart identifying some great flavor profiles that go together here. Of course, the one thing you’ll be sure to need in addition to your bottle and bud are plenty of tasty hors d’oeuvres!

Host an Elevated Game Night

Weden Game Night!

Add this one to the list of great group date ideas. Get a good group of fun couples together (or maybe you can help some single friends make connections this Valentine’s Day), and have them bring a gram of their favorite flower strain or edible, similar to a BYOB night. Classic board games are a good fit, as they keep things light and loose enough for plenty of table-side chit-chat or if you want to make things interesting and roll a little harder, you can always raise the stakes with a prize pot of pot, if you will. Stretch out, relax, and spark some joy with the most important people in your life.

Take the Day off with your smoking sweetie

Weden Play Hooky Image!

You know all those weird activities you and your friends would have loved to do as teenagers that you haven’t seriously considered returning to in adulthood? Things like going to the arcade to drop some coins on ski ball and Time Crisis, racing your date at the go-cart track, or allowing yourself to lose to them by a respectable margin in a round of minigolf. Maybe you live near one of those plaster castles off the freeway that offers all three on one lot! There’s no time like the present to blow off a little steam with your favorite cartridge and some structured entertainment. You can even channel your inner “Dude” and take your date bowling. These are all great ways to pair cannabis with a little innocent, nostalgic fun.

Smoke and Stargaze

Stargazing Image

We already touched on stargazing and the big outdoors, but if you want to seriously contemplate our place in the cosmos, you can always head to a local observatory to hear about the latest discoveries and have an awe-inspiring, up-close experience encountering at the beyond. If you happen to be coming up on a visible meteor shower, you could also take your date out to a lookout point and have a humbling smoke session under the stars with an accompanying natural light show. Pack a couple of edibles in your backpack and once you reach your destination, you and your date can consume them under the stars for a romantic and budget-friendly date night.

Weed and Relaxation

Spa Day Image

Most people probably never think to pair cannabis with a spa day, but you’ll receive some thorough bodily relaxation and enjoy the bliss with your SO, which can be valuable if work and life have you both often stressed out. Adding a tincture to your tea before you start will have you both feeling relaxed and ready for some R&R. If you’re looking to stay in, you can create a therapeutic environment at home with aromatic candles, relaxing music, and mood lighting, then give each other oil massages or using a hot-stone kit. The sensory effects of cannabis will only add to the romance and gratification.


Hopefully, this list has given you some great thought-starters for the right kind of romantic evening for you, whether you’re looking to deepen your connection with your loved one or just trying to capture the heart of a new flame. There’s a whole wide world out there, and Weden is here to help you experience it to its fullest.

We always love hearing from you — if you have a great date idea for couples who bond over cannabis, let us know about them in the comments below!

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2 Replies to “10 Date Ideas for Cannabis-Loving Couples”

  1. Erinn Holman

    Stargazing is so much fun after a night of smoking. plus, It’s one of the more romantic and budget-friendly options.

  2. ariana.avila1

    What i and my husband do is leave kids with grandma for 2 days and book an executive suite so we can enjoy two nights of just chillin smoking watching movies…horse around luke the old days lol…take relaxing baths , cook some bomb food or order room service. The combination of getting away and our weed makes a perfect date night for us…and weden quality never disappoints!

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