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One of the most popular reasons our tribe experiences cannabis is to relax. So, take a deep breathe, let your shoulders roll and enjoy the goodness of the plant.

Don’t settle for a life of simply surviving! You deserve to thrive, on your own terms. What does that mean to you? With our cannabis selection, you’ll have ample opportunities to find your own definition.

Whether you’re new to cannabis or rediscovering the power of the plant, we offer a place where everyone belongs, and there’s no better way to bring a community together than to party.

For many people, a good night’s sleep is elusive. When counting sheep fails, our community likes to turn to cannabis to bring on the zzz’s. (PJs sold separately.)

Ahhhh, love, sweet love. When it’s time to help things heat up – or rediscover the sizzle in a relationship – our approach to love embraces cannabis for higher sensuality.

At Weden, four-legged means family. That’s why you’ll find a selection of CBD products for your pets, along with a range of fashionable gear to show the world that your dog or cat is part of the tribe.

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